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Welcome to American Concrete Pipe Association - Northwest, the premier trade association representing manufacturers of concrete pipe and precast buried culverts including 4-Sided Box, 3-Sided and Split Culverts. Our commitment to excellence, resilience, and sustainability sets us apart as leaders in the precast concrete industry.


Resilience and Sustainability

Precast concrete stands as a symbol of resilience and sustainability. In an ever-changing world, our members contribute to the creation of durable, long-lasting infrastructure that withstands the test of time. The inherent strength and durability of precast concrete not only ensures the longevity of structures but also reduces the need for frequent replacements and repairs, thus minimizing environmental impact.

Moreover, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond durability. Precast concrete is inherently eco-friendly, as it can be produced with locally sourced materials, reducing transportation emissions. Additionally, the manufacturing process generates minimal waste, and the use of recycled materials further lessens our environmental footprint. As a trade association, we actively promote and support practices that prioritize environmental responsibility, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Integrity is the foundation of our association. We hold ourselves and our members to the highest ethical standards, promoting transparency and honesty in all our endeavors. Through our commitment to integrity, we strive to build trust among stakeholders, ensuring that the precast concrete industry is synonymous with reliability and authenticity.

Credibility is paramount in establishing ourselves as a trusted authority within the industry. Our association is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality and performance. By providing resources, training, and a platform for knowledge exchange, we empower our members to continually elevate their practices, thereby enhancing the credibility of the entire precast concrete sector.

We recognize the importance of cultivating strong and lasting relationships. Whether it's fostering connections among our members or building partnerships with industry stakeholders, we understand that collaboration is key to achieving collective success. Our commitment to relationship cultivation extends to engaging with regulatory bodies, government agencies, and other organizations to promote the benefits of precast concrete and drive positive change within the industry.

Join us at ACPA-NW as we lead the way in promoting resilient, sustainable, and ethical practices within the precast concrete sector. Together, we can build a future where infrastructure is not only strong and durable but also environmentally conscious and socially responsible.

Association Services

We provide services that are intended to keep engineers, contractors, and inspectors educated and up to date on reliable concrete pipe and box culvert designs and installation best practices.

Resource Center

We provide a database of technical information and web resources for reference to better understand concrete culvert pipe.