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A partner to DOTs and transportation agencies, the ACPA advocates for investment, safety, and an engineer’s right to choose

You want to build safe, resilient, sustainable, long-lasting, and cost-effective infrastructure. So do we. Along with our members, the American Concrete Pipe Association advocates on local, state, and national levels for legislation that drives investment into our nation’s infrastructure. Additionally, we are a proponent for the development of evacuation routes that resist damage during natural disasters such as wildfires and floods. Finally, we fully support the legislation that keeps the decision making necessary for the design of infrastructure and the products chosen in the hands of the engineers that design them.

Below is information meant to help transportation personnel better understand reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and how the industry works to support and align with DOTs and AASHTO to advocate for many of the same causes.


Resilience and Sustainability Resources

Education and Responsibility Resources

Other Related Resources